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Mallick Endodontics



Dental (Surgical) Operating Microscope

Use of the operating microscope allows increased magnification and illumination to visualize complex root canal anatomy and allows for conservative treatment (preservation of tooth structure). This has forever changed the delivery of endodontic care. Every treatment delivered in our office utilizes this necessary piece of equipment.  

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography provides up to 90% reduction in radiation to our patients compared to conventional film and comes with an increase in diagnostic capabilities. 

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

In most cases, 2D radiographs are adequate to evaluate patients. With the advent of CBCT, we have the ability to evaluate your tooth and surrounding tissue in 3 dimensions. This is invaluable, especially when treating the difficult cases seen in a specialist office. These high resolution images can be obtained quickly in our office and are achievable with very low radiation to the patient. Dr. Mallick will evaluate your specific situation and make the recommendation for the use of 3D imaging if he feels your treatment will benefit from its use.



TDO Software
TDO Software

Our office uses a paperless record keeping system, The Digital Office (TDO). TDO is a practice mangement software tailored to the specific needs of endodontists. Online registration is a time-saving advantage for our patients, providing our patients and referring doctors the ability to view and update their information online at their convenience. It has allowed us to eliminate paper from the office and become extremely efficient in how we deliver care and communicate with both our patients and referring dentists.

Digital Photography

Most cases will be documented with digital photographs through the dental operating microscope. This allows Dr. Mallick to communicate the details of all treatment precisely with both patients and dentists.